Competitiveness of NONGWOO BIO leading world seed industry
NONGWOO BIO leading seed breeding technology of Korea is a strategic center and creates value of the future for seeds with customer-centric R&D.

R&D headquarters is a core department of NONGWOO BIO while it consists of Yeoju and Nambu Breeding Institutes in Korea, Biotechnology Institute in Korea, BEIJING SHINONG and Gwangdong Breeding Institutes in China, California Breeding Institute in U. S. A., Kediri Breeding Institute in Indonesia and Banglore Breeding Institute in India becoming global breeding research center. R&D headquarters is developing vegetable seeds which are internationally competitive in a way that about 130 research scientists including breeder, technician and biotechnologist work together by grafting the cutting-edge biotechnology to the conventional breeding method. R&D headquarters focuses on research strategies which are necessary for disease resistant seeds, functional seeds for well-beings and customer’s preference seeds with goal of implementing environment-friendly agriculture. And the headquarters develops not only domestic varieties but also export varieties for preparation of FTA between countries. Furthermore, R&D headquarters pays more attentions to variety protection system and patent system to stabilize seed industry for systematic approach.

NONGWOO BIO invests about 20% of total sales in R&D annually. In addition, it much invests on education in majors, language training and personality training to enhance competitiveness of researchers and maintain superiority among seed industries. With these competitive human resources and cutting-edge technologies, the R&D headquarters will make efforts to provide high quality of varieties to enhance the income and the will of farmers under FTA system.

R&D headquaters